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Pistachio trees (Pistacia Vera - L.) plant roots in the Middle East especially in Syria, Persia and India, where they have been cultivated since prehistoric times. 


The pistachio tree is very long-lived; it can survive for centuries, growing at an incredibly slow rate and reaching a maximum of around 12 metres height. 


Pistachio is a dioecious plant, meaning that some species bear only male flowers and others only female flowers, but one male tree can produce enough pollen to fertilize up to ten female plants. 


Pistachio flowering starts in April and the fruit harvest takes place in September and October.


Today, worldwide, the main production areas are: California, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Greece, Italy and Spain.


In Sicily there is a historically niche cultivation, located in Bronte area, protected by the trademark “Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP”.


​The Bronte pistachio is harvest every two years and is characterized by its intense green colour and strong aromatic flavour.


The cultivation is made on the lava soil of the south-western slopes of Etna, particularly in the area of Bronte, Adrano and Biancavilla, at the highest indicated in the DOP certificate, between 400 and 900 metres height above sea level. 


It is a food rich in lipids, proteins and carbohydrates whose intake provides important nutritional elements useful for the proper functioning of the organism and the prevention of various diseases.

In particular, they are considered the most useful to counter cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

They are also an important source of antioxidants and polyphenols helping to protect the body from free radicals and premature aging.

Pistachios, tasty and delicious, are a highly versatile food that can be used either shelled or peeled, chopped or in pure paste for the preparation of ice-creams and creams, as a condiment for first and second courses and in the production of sausages.

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